Stage Notes Lesson Policy


All clients are required to enroll in our auto bill program unless there is a trial period, after which, enrollment will be required. We will automatically bill your card/account on the first day of each month. 
Tuition is due by the 1st of the month.  A $25 late fee will be charged to all accounts not paid by the 10th of each month. 
Tuition will be based on an average of 4 lessons per month and, therefore, will remain the same every month regardless of the number of lessons within the month.  Students will receive 48 lessons through the course of one calendar year.  Some months will have 5 lessons while others have only 3. 
Each new student will pay a $25/student or $40/family enrollment fee. Returning students will pay a $15 registration fee.  
Books and materials will be provided by Stage Notes, and the cost will be billed to the parents’ account. 

Lesson Termination: 

All students are on a month-to-month contract. Lessons may be discontinued at the end of any month. 
To avoid additional charges, please give office staff two weeks’ notice of terminating lessons.  
Unused tuition will NOT be refunded.  
Lessons must be terminated through the front office – notice given directly to instructors will not be considered official. 

Missed Lessons: 

If a student misses a lesson for any reason, payment for that lesson is forfeited.  Please remember that the student’s time has been reserved for them, and it is the time they are obligated to use. 
Lesson cancellation may be done through your online portal. If a lesson is canceled more than 6 hours prior to a student’s lesson time, a private make-up credit will be issued. The make-up lesson credit will expire if unused after 30 days. No shows will not be eligible for makeup lesson credits. 

Make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled if missed by the student. 

Students who miss a group class may attend another session of that class if there is one. If there are no other sessions with openings, the missed class is forfeited. 

If a teacher cannot attend a scheduled lesson for any reason, either a suitable substitute teacher will be available, or a private makeup lesson credit will be issued. 
Clients may self-book their makeup lessons via the online portal or by contacting the front desk. 
If a student is more than 15 minutes late, they will be considered a no-show and teachers will not be required to stay for the remainder of the lesson time. 
As a general rule, students who are too sick to go to school are too sick to come to music lessons.  Please keep sick children home so our instructors and other students do not also get sick. 

Inclement Weather Policy: 

All students and parents will be advised of school closure due to unfortunate weather circumstances. Otherwise, please assume all classes are going ahead. 
If the studio is closed due to inclement weather, students may hold their lessons via facetime or skype or zoom at their regular lesson time. Parents will need to make arrangements with their student’s instructor.  
Lessons that are not held via facetime/skype at their regular time may schedule a makeup lesson with their instructor or attend one of the performance classes described above. 

Summer Lesson Policy: 

If a student chooses not to take lessons through the summer, they must withdraw from the studio and be placed on a waiting list for the fall semester.  When they re-register for the fall, the $15 returning student registration fee must be paid. 
Students who will be gone for an extended amount of time but do not wish to withdraw may take off up to one month (4 weeks) through the summer with their spot held if they prepay for the following month’s tuition.  Students who do not prepay will not have their spot held.  


No makeup lessons are given for scheduled studio holidays as they are built into the yearly calendar.  
Please consult the studio calendar at www.stagenotesmusic.com/calendar for detailed holiday closure information. 


Students should have a working instrument to practice on at home before beginning lessons. 
Students may not be left unattended.  Parents may drop their students off at lesson time but must return at the end of their scheduled lesson time.  Students left unattended will not be supervised by Stage Notes staff. 
Students will be expected to show up to each of their lessons on time, prepared, and ready to learn.   
It is up to the parents to make sure their children are practicing as they should be. 
All books and materials should be brought to every lesson.    


Emergency waiver: 

In case of a medical emergency, staff members will use their best judgment in obtaining medical care for your child and you accept responsibility for any related expenses. 


By becoming a student of Stage Notes School of Music, I hereby agree that Stage Notes and Stage Notes owners and staff are not responsible or liable for any injuries sustained on the studio premises or the premises surrounding.  Stage Notes retains the right to terminate lessons with any student or guardian of the student who displays inappropriate behavior or who fails to respect Studio policy. I agree to all of the policies put forth in this agreement as well as any changes made to the policy.  

Photo Release Agreement*:  

I hereby consent to the use, reproduction, editing and/or broadcast by Stage Notes School of Music and Arts of any and all photographs, video recordings and audio recordings of the student taken by or on behalf of Stage Notes School of Music and Arts, without compensation to me. All negatives and positives, prints, video-recorded images, and audio recordings are the property of Stage Notes School of Music and Arts solely. *Parents may choose to opt out upon registration.