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Are you looking for high-quality activities for your child?

Does coordinating schedules drive you crazy?

Are you looking to explore your creativity?

Stage Notes School of Music and Arts takes learning music and art seriously, while also encouraging our students to have tons of fun! We are more than a studio in a basement or a mom teaching lessons as a side hustle. We are a professional studio with full-time desk staff available to answer your calls and emails and bring the love of music and art into your home!

How does this work?

Contact Us

First, contact us and tell us what you are looking for. You can call, text, or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 817-849-5544
Send us an email: info@stagenotesmusic.com

Choose Your Class

Next, we will carefully match you to our recommended teacher or class, based on your age, experience, and what you want to learn.

Start Making Music

Finally, you can get started as soon as this week! Enrollment is always open and we will do our best to match you to a lesson day and time that works best for your schedule.

Why Choose Stage Notes School of Music and Arts?

Offering quality music and art lessons for students in Bedford, Colleyville, Euless, Grapevine, Haslet, Hurst, Keller, North Richland Hills, Watauga, and surrounding areas since 2008! We offer lessons one-on-one or in a class/group setting so that we can completely tailor your speed of learning and your curriculum to YOU!

Other Benefits to Consider:

Choose from different teachers and instruments!

This allows you to learn the instrument or art class you choose and even have siblings or other family members take lessons at the same time, or back-to-back. You can easily change teachers or instruments along your journey to ensure that you LOVE the music or art you are making!

Drum Lessons

We are open 6 days a week!

Every family’s schedule is different, so we want to have as many openings as possible for our community. We even have daytime lessons available, if you homeschool or work from home.

Perform under the lights!

Looking for performance opportunities? We LOVE to perform! So much so, the word STAGE is literally in our name! We offer recital opportunities 3-4 times per year - more than other studios or private instructors! We believe that students learn the most when they have a goal, such as a performance, to work toward. So we do it often!
Art students, we didn't forget about you! We offer semi-annual Student Art Shows for all art students! You deserve to show off your hard work and skills to your adoring fans!

Music & Art Classes - 2 locations to choose from!

We have 2 locations in the DFW area to serve you better! In each of our locations, we offer both Music and Art. Whether you want to learn to play your favorite instrument or you want to learn to draw, paint, or sculpt, we have the opportunity for you!
Check out our Keller location here.

Music Lesson Room

We know you value safety and security-- and we do too!

We do background checks on all of our teachers and always have windows on our doors so students are not alone with their teacher. There is a screen so that all rooms can be monitored.​

You are never locked into a contract.

We want you to love lessons and love your teacher and that’s why we offer a money-back guarantee during your first month. After that, everything is on a month-to-month agreement.

It's Easy To Take The Next Step

Ready to Start? You Have Nothing to Lose!

Lessons & Classes:

We teach Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice, Drums, Violin, Ukulele, Drawing, Painting, and more!


Ready to start? You have nothing to lose.

Sign up is easy and parent-friendly.  Our office staff is always available to help you 6 days a week as well. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.

Lessons are first come, first served, so schedule your first lesson today!


$37.50 / 30 minutes

Lessons are available six days a week, and scheduled once a week.

There is a one time $25 registration fee.

Offering quality Piano, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Bass, and Drum lessons in Colleyville, TX.



Mon-Fri: 2pm - 8pm

Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Sunday: Closed

Morning/Daytime lessons also available by appointment!

Hurst, TX

Hurst, Texas, nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, is an integral part of the Mid-Cities region in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

1. Hurst is centrally located within the DFW metroplex, providing easy access to major highways and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. This connectivity makes Hurst a convenient place for residents and businesses alike, fostering a thriving community environment.

2. The Hurst Conference Center is a key facility in the city, offering state-of-the-art amenities for conferences, business meetings, and community events. Its presence underscores Hurst’s role as a hub for local and regional gatherings.

3. Hurst is part of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District, which is known for its strong academic programs and commitment to student success. The district serves students from Hurst and neighboring cities, providing a wide range of educational opportunities.

4. North East Mall, located in Hurst, is one of the largest shopping centers in the region. It features a wide array of stores, restaurants, and a movie theater, making it a popular destination for shopping and entertainment in the Mid-Cities area.

5. The city maintains a variety of parks and recreational facilities, including the Chisholm Park and the Hurst Recreation Department, which offer amenities such as swimming pools, sports fields, walking trails, and community classes. These facilities enhance the quality of life for residents and contribute to Hurst’s community-oriented atmosphere.

Music Lessons in Hurst, TX

In Hurst, TX, a community rich with culture and creativity, aspiring musicians of all ages have the unique opportunity to learn and grow at Stage Notes School of Music and Arts in nearby Colleyville. Whether you’re a parent seeking lessons for your child, a teenager eager to develop your skills, or an adult looking to rekindle a passion for music, Stage Notes offers comprehensive music education in a supportive environment. With its highly qualified instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, Stage Notes is the perfect place to embark on your musical journey.

The Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning to play an instrument or developing your vocal abilities offers numerous benefits that go beyond just the joy of music. Here are some of the key advantages of taking music lessons at Stage Notes:

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Music education can improve memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Academic Improvement: Studies show that students involved in music often excel in academic subjects, particularly math and reading.
  3. Emotional Expression: Music provides a powerful outlet for expressing emotions and managing stress.
  4. Self-Confidence: Mastering an instrument and performing in front of others can significantly boost self-esteem.
  5. Discipline and Patience: Regular practice fosters discipline and teaches the value of perseverance.

Music Lessons for All Ages at Stage Notes

Stage Notes School of Music and Arts offers a variety of music lessons tailored to different age groups and skill levels. Here’s an overview of the programs available:

Music Lessons for Children

Starting music lessons at a young age can spark a lifelong passion for music. Stage Notes offers engaging and interactive lessons designed to captivate young learners. Popular instruments for children include:

  • Piano: A great starting point that builds a solid foundation in music theory and technique.
  • Guitar: Children enjoy learning to strum chords and play their favorite songs.
  • Violin: Perfect for those interested in classical music and developing precise playing skills.
  • Voice: Singing lessons help children develop their vocal abilities and confidence.

Music Lessons for Teens

Teenagers often seek music lessons to refine their skills, prepare for performances, or explore new genres. Stage Notes provides specialized programs for teens that focus on advanced techniques and performance skills. Popular choices include:

  • Electric Guitar: Ideal for teens looking to join a band or play modern music.
  • Drums: Great for those who love rhythm and want to be the backbone of a band.
  • Songwriting and Composition: For teens who want to create their own music and lyrics.

Music Lessons for Adults

It’s never too late to start learning music. Many adults in Hurst find music lessons at Stage Notes to be a fulfilling way to explore a new hobby, relax, and meet new people. Adult programs are flexible and tailored to fit busy schedules. Popular options include:

  • Piano: A versatile instrument suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Acoustic Guitar: Perfect for those who enjoy playing folk, country, or pop music.
  • Voice: Singing lessons help adults improve their vocal technique and confidence.

Why Choose Stage Notes School of Music and Arts?

Stage Notes School of Music and Arts stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality music education in a supportive and inspiring environment. Here are some reasons why Stage Notes is the best choice for music lessons in the Hurst area:

  1. Qualified Instructors: The school boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to student success.
  2. Customized Lessons: Lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student, ensuring a personalized learning experience.
  3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Stage Notes offers modern, well-equipped facilities that create an ideal learning environment.
  4. Performance Opportunities: Students have numerous opportunities to perform in recitals, showcases, and community events, helping them gain confidence and stage experience.
  5. Supportive Community: The school fosters a welcoming and supportive community where students can connect with peers who share their passion for music.

Getting Started with Music Lessons

Ready to embark on your musical journey? Here are the steps to get started with music lessons at Stage Notes:

  1. Identify Your Goals: Determine what you want to achieve with your music lessons, whether it’s playing for fun, preparing for performances, or advancing your skills.
  2. Choose Your Instrument: Select the instrument that excites you the most.
  3. Contact Stage Notes: Reach out to the school to inquire about lesson availability and schedule a consultation.
  4. Book Your First Lesson: Schedule your first lesson and begin your musical adventure.

Local Engagement and Community Involvement

Stage Notes School of Music and Arts is deeply integrated into the local communities it serves, including Hurst and Colleyville. The school regularly participates in local events, providing students with the chance to showcase their talents and connect with the community. These events not only offer performance experience but also foster a sense of belonging and pride among students and their families.

Additional Programs at Stage Notes

Beyond individual music lessons, Stage Notes offers a variety of additional programs designed to enhance the learning experience:

  • Ensembles and Bands: Students can join ensembles or bands to practice and perform with their peers.
  • Summer Camps: Fun and intensive music camps are available during the summer to keep students engaged and learning.
  • Workshops and Masterclasses: Specialized workshops and masterclasses provide in-depth training in specific areas of music.

Start Your Musical Journey Today

Music lessons at Stage Notes School of Music and Arts, just a short drive from Hurst, TX, offer an enriching and enjoyable way to explore the world of music. With programs designed for all ages and skill levels, expert instructors, and a supportive community, Stage Notes is the perfect place to nurture your musical talents. Start your musical journey today and discover the joy and fulfillment that music can bring to your life. Let Stage Notes guide you on your path to musical excellence.