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About Us

Stage Notes began in the fall of 2008 when owner, Becky, moved to Texas after teaching piano in her home state of Arkansas. Beginning in her tiny apartment, Becky began to grow her student base from the ground up. A year later, she hired her first student teacher, Alexa (now Assistant Manager at the Keller location) and moved Stage Notes into its first studio location – a tiny, two room office suite. Two years and 3 additional teachers later, the studio moved into a 6 room office suite. Continuing to grow, it moved into its current location in Hurst 2 years and 5 additional teacher later. In the Spring of 2016, Stage Notes acquired Stomp Music Studios in Keller, which would become the second location of Stage Notes. With the addition of dance classes and a theater department in 2018, Stage Notes developed into a full range music and arts studio serving approximately 400 students each week. 

Throughout this incredible journey, owner Becky and her husband Devin have continued to focus on the importance of having a quality educational experience – while still having fun. Many schools focus on one of these at the expense of the other. Stage Notes believes that both can be accomplished at the same time. 🙂

Meet the Owners

Stage Notes owners, Becky and Devin Steinsultz (stage name, Devin Leigh), are very active in the entertainment industry, bringing a level of expertise not found in other schools!  

Becky began studying piano at the age of 5, and eventually took her talent to the Miss Arkansas stage, where she was named a Top Ten finalist three years! She began teaching piano in 2006 before making Texas her new home in 2008 and starting Stage Notes – teaching piano our of her apartment. Stage Notes has since grown to teach over 400 students each week at two locations in a large variety of instruments as well as theatre and dance. Becky also serves as co-director of the Miss Keller competition, an official preliminary to the Miss Texas and Miss America competition. www.misskellerscholarship.org

Devin has been a professional musician/actor for over 25 years. In recent years, he was awarded a Hollywood Music in Media Award, a Global Music Award, an Academia Award, and was named to the Texas Blues Hall of Fame. He is also a voting member in the Recording Academy (Grammys). Devin also recently starred in and scored the soundtrack for the independent film, “Monochrome”, and is an active voice over artist. 

Together, the two have recorded with 3 time Grammy Award winning engineer, Tre Nagella, who has worked with artists such as Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, and Pit Bull. Grammy and Latin Grammy nominee, Juan Garcia-Herreros, who toured with Christina Aguilerra, performed on Devin’s latest album, “Searching for the Truth”, on the song, “Suckerpunched”.  Devin and Becky have also performed in an off Broadway musical concert, “Tara Tremendous: The Musical”, alongside Mickey Dolenz (the Monkees), Bart Shatto (Les Mis and Trans Siberian Orchestra), Annie Golden (Orange is the New Black), Mimi Ryder (Matilda), Mary Stout (Beauty and the Beast), and others. The show was created by Stewart St. John, whose credits include “Tom and Jerry”, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, and Disney’s “Seventeen Again”.  Devin and Becky also performed on the cast album for the show, recorded in New York City. 

Devin and Becky are the parents of 5 year old, Cohen. As parents, they understand the importance of having the right teacher for your child. They aim to have every student and every parent comfortable with the choice they make to have their child study at Stage Notes.